How to build a culture of gratitude

How to build a culture of gratitude

Join this People Management Insight webinar with Workhuman data scientist Alan Medinger and Workhuman HR business partner Sharon Pollard as they share key tips for creating a culture of gratitude based on real-life examples and data from the Workhuman Analytics & Research Institute

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In psychology, there’s a term called 'flow state'. It’s used to describe when a person is so focused on a specific activity that they actually lose sense of space and time. Carry that concept to the organisational level and imagine how much innovation would result from a collective flow state – a sense of teamwork and camaraderie across teams and departments in your organisation.

For many companies, gratitude is the secret ingredient that makes this possible. By layering a foundation of positivity and social connection across the organisation, gratitude has been called “the ultimate performance-enhancing substance,” by Dr. Robert Emmons, professor of psychology at the University of California, Davis. Gratitude not only boosts well-being and resilience for individuals, it’s also proven to impact culture, retention, and engagement.

In this People Management Insight webinar, Alan Medinger, data scientist for the Workhuman Analytics & Research Institute, and Sharon Pollard, HR business partner at Workhuman, share key tips for building a culture of gratitude. Using real-world examples to demonstrate how gratitude can be built into every people process, from recognition and performance management to service milestones and life events.

After this webinar, you’ll be armed with:

  • Data points on why individuals and organisations need more gratitude
  • Success stories from companies like yours that have made gratitude a cultural priority
  • Practical tips people managers can use to instill more positivity and connection in their teams

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