The often-overlooked function that could help your business grow

New global research suggests that getting payroll right presents real opportunities for HR leaders – here, we look at the key learnings.


Nobody saw the Covid-19 pandemic coming, and its effects catapulted many organisations into survival mode. Many had to migrate to working from home overnight. Leaders suddenly had to engage with their workforces in a totally different way. Many business models came under pressure, and corporates had to innovate to survive. In the UK, a large number of companies needed to get to grips with the government’s furlough scheme. It was a real test of organisational processes – including payroll. 

It’s no surprise that 82% of HR, finance and payroll leaders found the pandemic very or somewhat challenging, according to the latest global payroll survey by payroll service and software provider ADP. And now that companies have had some time to adapt to the immediate challenges of the pandemic, many HR teams are taking the time to analyse how they responded, any areas of weakness that were exposed, and the opportunities that lie ahead. Here, we look at some of the takeaways from the ADP survey that could inform your future plans and processes.