How MoneySuperMarket have embraced a Learning Culture – and why you should too

How MoneySuperMarket have embraced a Learning Culture – and why you should too

When, where and how we work has totally transformed. Business leaders have a responsibility to refocus their workforce strategy on upskilling and talent mobility, creating the right environment that supports this reality.

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This People Management webinar in association with Degreed looks at how the way we work is fundamentally changing. Some companies have already incorporated technology, automation, and AI into routine jobs; as this trend grows many jobs will become unrecognisable – or redundant.

Ultimately, new jobs will emerge and most will evolve to include new skills and responsibilities. But the vast majority of companies still rely on old thinking, using methods and processes for a world that no longer exists.

Degreed’s Anthony Wilkey, alongside Moneysupermarket’s Joide Lowe and Elina Lankinen join People Management to discuss future-ready strategies and a framework for creating an employee experience that helps organisations and individuals thrive.

Register for this free webinar to find out what you should be doing differently, including:

  • How to replace old methods and thinking so your workforce stays agile

  • Why people at all levels need to reimagine work, jobs and careers

  • How companies need to create environments and experiences to support this

  • And how to use data to identify the skills you need to be competitive

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