How to attract and retain ‘deskless’ workers

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Competition for talent in the UK labour market remains fierce and sectors such as hospitality, healthcare, leisure and construction report the highest number of hard-to-fill vacancies. Leaders and people managers in these industries are recognising that it is more important than ever to connect and engage with frontline or ‘deskless’ workers who may be burned-out or feel underappreciated.

Office-based workers have seen improvements in working practices over the last few years, mainly driven by advancements in technology, which allows them to enjoy a better work-life balance. However, a global survey by Gartner reports that while 75% of deskless workers spend most of their time at work using some form of technology, 60% reported being unsatisfied with the tech they use. 

In this webinar, produced in partnership with People Management Insight and Humanforce, we consider how technology can help people managers work strategically to enhance the working lives of the ‘deskless’ workforce and improve staff attraction and retention in the long term. We will cover:

  • What are the challenges related to keeping a ‘deskless’ workforce of frontline and essential workers happy and engaged?
  • How have employee expectations shifted in recent years and what do deskless workers want?
  • What tools and technology can improve the employee experience and talent management of ‘deskless’ workers?
  • How can data analytics help to close talent gaps? 
  • How can you build a sense of belonging and inclusion in industries which are not office-based?
  • Why are self-management tools and self-directed learning so important?
  • When burnout, stress levels and cost of living are high, how can leaders provide emotional and financial support for the ‘deskless’ workforce?
  • Why does a strategic approach to workforce planning matter?

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