Happy staff stay: how to make your employees feel valued

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With staff stress levels and burnout on the rise, and with 45% of employers struggling to fill vacancies, employee engagement and recognition should be at the top of any leader’s agenda. Yet according to Gallup research, just one in four employees strongly agree they feel connected to their culture and only one in three strongly agree they belong in their organisation. 

To build the right workforce and ensure talented people are retained, leaders must take a human approach to building their employee experience and employer brand. And this starts by demonstrating to employees they are valued by recognising their contributions.     

In this webinar, brought to you by People Management Insight and Workhuman, our industry experts will discuss how organisations can boost employee retention and prevent staff burnout in one simple way – by saying ‘thank you’ and recognising their workforce’s talents and efforts.

We will be asking:

  • How can employee recognition help avoid burnout and improve health and wellbeing?
  • How can recognition transform staff retention?
  • How can connecting employees with their company culture help to drive business objectives?
  • How can we build a culture of recognition in which gratitude, appreciation and praise are freely given?
  • How often should we be giving positive, genuine feedback to our employees and what forms should it take?
  • How can we ensure recognition is equal among different groups of employees?
  • How can technology make recognition feel more personalised?
  • Why is employer brand important and how can investing in an employee recognition programme help?
  • What role can line managers play in employee recognition, for both remote workers and those who work on-site?

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