How to support your workforce through an HR digital transformation

How to support your workforce through an HR digital transformation

Amid the complexity of a digital HR transformation an effective HR professional must be able to support their employees throughout the process, and leave them happier at the other end.

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The process of adopting a new digital HR platform can be delicate for many reasons. Selecting the right software for your business requires a great deal of research and analysis. The technical implementation itself is extremely intricate. But the most complex variable of all are your employees; how do they react to HR software changes, especially if they have to adopt new behaviours post-implementation? Your job as an HR professional is not only to ensure that they embrace the changes, but that the changes improve the working lives of you employees. 

This webinar, in partnership with Cascade HR, will uncover the secrets to leading your staff happily through a period of digital HR transformation to a better future.You will learn how to:

  • Identify problems that need to be solved

  • Make sure a new system answers existing problems

  • Train your workforce on a new platform

  • Get enthusiastic buy-in, by making sure benefits are well-communicated

  • Keep employee engagement high throughout the transformation

  • Co-create solutions by bringing your workforce into the process

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