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Our series, 'Your Question Answered', tackles a common HR query with advice and guidance from an expert. 

Our business has had a sharp rise of employee absences over the past year. Our current HR software is outdated and relatively rudimentary so we’re not exactly sure where this rise in absences stems from, or how to begin to tackle the issue. We know we need new HR software, however we don't know where to start. 

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Whether it’s adapting to new technology, or broader societal developments such as ‘Brexit’, change is unavoidable and requires careful management by HR. Watch our webinar, ‘How to manage change as a constant state’, for practical advice on how to tackle organisational change. 

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    David D'Souza Head of London & Head of Engagement, CIPD
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    Tim Pointer Founder, Starboard Thinking
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    Georganna Simpson Senior Content Manager, People Management Insight (Host)

How does it affect productivity and morale? And what are the dangers of an absence issue going legal? View this webinar to learn how to reduce absence and manage different scenarios – legally and fairly. 

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    Caroline Action Partner & Employment Law Specialist, Consilia Legal
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    Paul Addy Director, Positive People HR
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    Marc Greggains Technology Specialist, Cascade


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