Practical tips on how to effectively find and implement HR software

Practical tips on how to effectively find and implement HR software

Mapping the journey: HR software uncovered

Finding and implementing HR software can be daunting, but the benefits are transformational. Join our webinar for tips and tricks on how to source the right technology and introduce new systems successfully. 

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HR professionals can expect a daunting journey when finding and implementing more sophisticated HR software. However, the results can be transformational for your organisation.

Whether you are using manual processes and spreadsheets for data management, or HR software that is no longer fit-for-purpose as a result of organisational growth, this webinar will guide you on the road to selecting and implementing more sophisticated technology solutions. Sponsored by Cascade, the session aims to lay the journey bare.

People Force International’s Pritul Khagram will take you through what to expect from sophisticated HR technology, and share his tips and tricks for introducing new HR/Payroll Systems successfully.

You’ll learn:

  • What to look out for during a selection process
  • How to get “buy-in” from management and end users when trying to achieve a successful change management programme
  • Real life examples of how organisations transformed their HR software
  • The overall improvements and efficiencies that result

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