Identify and overcome your global growth blindspot

Identify and overcome your global growth blindspot

International expansion brings with it considerable challenges for people professionals to navigate, such as differing payment legislation and unknown barriers to business across countries. Join this webinar to learn how you can turn these complexities into opportunities

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The success of international expansion can be seriously impacted by not getting the right global/local HR and payroll set up – 71% of businesses say that HR challenges are among the most testing when growing globally. 

Successfully navigating international expansion requires knowing what to look for; both inside your own organisation and in the countries you’re moving into. It requires the best people, tight control over costs and an intimate understanding of local markets and compliance. 

This is why 84% of HR departments say that international expansion is an opportunity to make a strategic contribution to the business. 

Between the challenges and the opportunity, there’s a gap, which ADP call the ‘growth blindspot' – which can cause significant trouble for businesses growing globally, but can also be an untapped source of serious potential. 

Join this People Management Insight webinar to learn about the findings of ADP's research report ‘Growing pains: The HR challenges of international expansion’, produced in partnership with the Economist Intelligence Unit. ADP gathered the perspectives of 1,000 HR executives in companies expanding internationally to shed light on key growth blindspots including: 

  • Retaining talent and ensuring employee satisfaction across cultures
  • Maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Consolidation and innovation through HR technology
  • Intelligent use of payroll data

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