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With training budgets tightening to weather the looming economic recession, upskilling and reskilling has become a top priority for UK employers in 2023.

The recent emergence of generative artificial intelligence has only served to heighten the need for more learning and development in the workplace. 49% of people fear their jobs are going to be replaced by it, and it appears they’d be right to, with 67% of UK employers saying they believe candidates will need generative AI skills and experience in the near future. 

Generative artificial intelligence doesn’t have to signal the end of someone’s career, though —  in fact, it may well be the reason it thrives. If incorporated effectively, AI tools can bolster an organisation’s L&D strategy and their business as a whole.

This People Management Insight webinar, produced in partnership with Coursera, will discuss how employers can utilise generative artificial intelligence for the betterment of their employees and wider organisation.

Our expert panel will cover:

  • The ways in which generative AI can enhance your business
  • How to prepare your employees for its adoption
  • How generative AI can bolster your L&D strategy

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