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This People Management Insight webinar, in partnership with edays, will explore how businesses can manage their employee leave at the end of the holiday year. With annual leave allowances often falling to the back of people’s minds throughout the year, many find themselves with surplus to use come December, that they somehow need to squeeze into the busy festive period. 

And when this rush is experienced by multiple staff members, businesses are faced with the challenge of helping their people to use up their allowance before time runs out. 

The rush to take annual leave at the end of the year represents a significant challenge for HR departments, which must treat their staff equally and fairly, while simultaneously ensuring businesses have enough cover to operate. 

HR professionals will also be tasked with juggling employee leave records to avoid staff carrying over large amounts of holiday into a new year, or needing to instead be paid for it (which often has knock-on tax implications).

We'll explore the following:

  • How leave debt can cost your business in more ways than just taxes
  • Planned leave management tips to improve employee wellbeing and reduce burnout
  • How HR can monitor leave taken through the year and encourage employees to use their full allowance
  • How planned leave can help with staff retention and boost employee morale
  • Use cases for not falling into the "leave debt" trap
  • The role technology can play in helping you to plan effectively

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