How to reinvent performance management

People drive success – they're the most valuable asset to any organisation. Ensuring they are engaged, high performing and developing optimally is critical. Tune in to learn how to keep your people at the heart of your performance management strategy.

WebinarOne hourTalent & recruitment

Traditional performance management processes have garnered a reputation for being a heavy drain on time and productivity, yielding underwhelming results. Add to that the expense, complexity and perceived negative impact of annual reviews on employee engagement and retention, and many organisations have been prompted to significantly change how they manage performance. 

Some organisations are introducing more frequent reviews; others are separating performance from pay rises, and some are focused on increasing learning and development opportunities. 

Before embarking on a reinvention of performance management there is one key element to success that every organisation must consider: its people. Employees drive success and are arguably the most valuable asset in any organisation, so ensuring they are engaged, performing, and developing optimally is critical.

Learn how performance management is changing and what you can do to develop an integrated performance management cycle that fits the needs of your organisation, increases engagement and gets effective results – all year round.

This webinar covers:

  • Why traditional performance management isn’t performing
  • The link between contribution and job satisfaction on engagement
  • Five principles for modern performance management
  • How to make the transition from old to new