The true value of payroll and total rewards – a guide for HR and payroll professionals

According to research commissioned by Zellis, one in five employees has left their job over a poor payroll experience, leading to unnecessary employee churn in a tough talent market. Also, one-quarter of those surveyed said that they feel less engaged and productive at work – evidence of the impact that both ‘back office’ systems and administrators have on your most important business assets: employees.

Reality tells us that it is now time to recognise the crucial role that our HR and payroll professionals play in shaping the business agenda. With the war for talent forcing many organisations to look again at what they have to offer – payroll, benefits and total rewards packages – payroll needs to step forward to stake its case.

Payroll, and creating a ‘rewarding experience’, has a key part to play in the future of work. The first step to realising this potential lies in sharing and speaking openly about common misconceptions. Only then can the potential value of payroll and total rewards be realised.

Read this People Management report, produced in partnership with Zellis, to learn that when it comes to payroll and total reward, the truth is invariably more positive than the myth.