What does post-pandemic work life look like?

The global pandemic brought disruptions to the usual patterns of working for most. How can HR help to create new ways of working that benefit both employees and employers? How can employees achieve a good work-life balance and feel strongly connected to their teams? 

In this short read, produced in partnership with Winningtemp, we explore what the future of post-pandemic working life may look like, in discussion with HR and employee wellness talking heads. Find why transparency, two-way communication and kindness are set to play a bigger role than ever in future workplaces across all industries.

All is quiet in the haematology department of one highly respected London hospital. The space where Costa Coffee used to be is now deserted. Seats which were previously occupied by waiting patients are now partially cordoned off. And the main footfall is from masked and harassed-looking nurses, bustling between fraught appointments. 

The patients treated in this department have blood conditions, like cancer, which leave their immune systems compromised. The nurses entrusted with their care face the difficult and lonely task of semi-isolating, while taking twice-weekly at-home Covid tests, and continuing to cope with the ongoing fallout of staff shortages. And while the situation may have become considerably worse since the pandemic began, research published in the Journal of Nursing Management suggests that workplace loneliness can be an occupational hazard for the profession.