Workforce winners: five tech trends to boost your workforce

Technology brings all sorts of new platforms and capabilities into the office, and while it’s tempting to experiment with these shiny new toys, it is vital to remember why HR technology is useful in the first place: it improves the working lives of yourself and your employees.

Already accustomed to having myriad labour-saving technologies in the palm of their hand, employees expect the same conveniences at work; they want efficiency, streamlined processes, personal control and flexibility.

To help you deliver these, People Management Insight - in partnership with Softworks - have compiled this expert report, complete with case studies, outlining the five watchwords to keep in mind when implementing HR technology. Here you learn how to:

  • Take a customer-centric approach to human resources
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Improve wellness in the workforce
  • Create an agile and flexible working environment
  • Introduce data-driven employee assessment