Inside information: How to unlock the power of your HR data

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Inside information: How to unlock the power of your HR data

HR & Payroll Foundations Series

In recent years, the potential for organisations to use data from their HR and payroll systems to help shape both HR and wider business strategy has started to become apparent. Vital information from sources such as absence rates, salaries, holiday schedules, location data, national minimum wage payments and statutory sick pay can be used to help identify any issues or room for improvement, as well as acting as a starting point for wider reforms. 

And the pandemic has only served to accelerate this trend, with topics such as wellbeing and absence being much harder to manage remotely without adequate data. 

But, how should HR and payroll teams approach the data they’ve got and what are the roadblocks that could hold them back? Read this People Management Insight expert report, produced in partnership with SDWorx, as we discuss the answers to this question and explore how ‘evidence-based HR’ can be used to build better jobs and more sustainable businesses. 

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