Seven ways to create a learning culture at work

Automation and technology mean that the tools we use at work are in a constant state of flux. Indeed, only one in five millennials believe they have all the skills and knowledge they will need to flourish in a world being shaped by technology, according to The Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2019. 

Overall, millennials believe that business has the biggest responsibility for educating workers, according to the same Deloitte survey. Many enlightened organisations realise it is in their best interests to embrace that role. It won’t just help people to get better at their day jobs, it will help to keep them loyal to the organisation. 

A business which is keen to stay on top of its game needs to be constantly looking at ways to adapt its workforce to meet new challenges. If you are coming to this for the first time as an employer, how can you start to build a learning culture at work? Here are seven ideas you can use.