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A quiet revolution in employee engagement

There has been a revolution in the workplace, one which has seen workers rise up and take power from bosses. Yet it has been a singularly subtle revolution, and one which most businesses have not yet come to terms with.

Everyday employees enjoy an unprecedented level of power over their employers that they’ve amassed not through strikes or work-to-rule, but by virtue of the fact that talent and skills have become so rare in the modern job market. High value employees are in the driving seat and can exercise their advantage whenever they like; leaving one employer that falls short of their expectations safe in the knowledge that they will be snapped up by another.

Clearly, it’s never been more important to hold on to valued employees, and most businesses will talk about the efforts they make to keep staff happy, productive and engaged. That’s certainly a laudable goal, but recent Oracle research into the state of employee engagement across Western Europe reveals a worrying disconnect between businesses’ ambition to engage workers and their ability to do so.

Andy Campbell HCM Strategy Director Oracle
Andy Campbell HCM Strategy Director Oracle