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Combatting the commoditisation of the workforce

In today’s crowded and competitive market, it is more difficult than ever for businesses to differentiate themselves. No sooner does a manufacturer bring out a state-of-the-art mobile phone than a rival releases a device with the same functions and capabilities, and at a lower cost.

As companies struggle with the commoditisation of products, they may forget that the same principles apply within their own organisations. Just as there can often be little differentiation between two companies’ products, workplace cultures can also become very similar within a particular industry.

This might not seem particularly important, but bear in mind that in the ongoing war for talent, businesses are fighting tooth and nail to attract and retain the very best employees. Company culture and employee satisfaction are the key battlegrounds in this war, and businesses that can’t motivate or engage their employers are at a huge disadvantage.

Andy Campbell HCM Strategy Director Oracle
Andy Campbell HCM Strategy Director Oracle