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Health and wellness: a good fit for business

There is a considerable trend towards companies encouraging their employees to be fitter and healthier in the workplace - from companies giving staff wearable technology such as fitbits and pedometers to track their activity to the provision of standing desks, cycle-to-work schemes, gym memberships and exercise classes and massages in the office. Similarly, companies are increasingly seeking to differentiate in terms of the wider health and wellbeing benefits they offer staff, from flexible working to health screening and counselling.

Of course employers have a duty of care to their staff but many are now going well beyond the basic requirements to provide a safe workplace and statutory parental, sick and compassion leave.

And it’s not just about being a kindly or responsible employer. There are clear business benefits and a demonstrable return on investment. Great health and wellbeing packages help attract and retain top talent and help increase productivity and motivation in the workplace, while cutting down on days lost to illness. Staff are more engaged and initiatives can be enjoyable and help to bond teams through healthy competition and challenge.

Andy Campbell HCM Strategy Director Oracle
Andy Campbell HCM Strategy Director Oracle