Five benefits of digital onboarding

Onboarding is a critical period for businesses to engage with a new starter, and for both sides to exchange important information. It’s a time when employees are making their first impressions of your business and deciding whether or not they’ve made the right decision to come and work for your company. 

Yet, onboarding is often overlooked. Engaging and nurturing a new employee is essential to help them settle in within the first few weeks and become well integrated into your organisation. Here, we list five ways technology can help you manage and deliver an effective and engaging onboarding experience.

1. Warm welcome

Many businesses suffer because employee onboarding starts on the first day of employment, when it should begin the moment the offer is made. This is a critical time for collecting relevant information from your onboardee and relationship building. You’ll need to exchange offer letters and contracts and provide them with details of their role and more information about your company. As soon as the role has been offered, your business should think of them as an ‘employee’.