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Five ways to improve your compliance training

Operating in a constantly changing and increasingly regulated business world is complex, and the risk to reputation – if something goes wrong – is greater than ever.  

As the economic outlook dramatically changes, new risks demand fresh methods of protection – and organisations increasingly depend on their L&D professionals for support.

To reduce risk and provide real insight into what’s happening inside the business, the right systems and processes must be in place. Swapping time-consuming spreadsheets with a learning management system (LMS) platform can provide access to real-time completion data, automate reassignments and equip HR to report on critical issues at a higher strategic level.

How can you ensure learners are compliant while supporting the business with the critical insight that it needs to thrive?

 This practical report covers: 

  • Top tips on reducing admin time
  • How to focus on ‘competence’, not just compliance
  • Benefits of an LMS to HR and to businesses
  • Gaining top-level support using an LMS
  • Using communications to support your compliance training