Bridging the divide: Why diversity and inclusion should be on your agenda

In partnership with CIPHR, we recently surveyed more than 300 HR professionals to try and uncover how well organisations are doing on diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and what they feel is holding them back. The research revealed that there is still a lot of work to be done, with 30 per cent saying the state of diversity was average and 24 per cent sating is was being addressed insufficiently. 

So what are the biggest factors holding organisations back? And what steps be taken to drive towards a more diverse and inclusive workplace?

Download this report to dig deeper into the topic and learn:

  • Why diversity and inclusion needs to be on your agenda
  • What is holding organisations back – and what success looks like
  • What aspects of senior leadership can drive success
  • How to ingrain diversity and inclusion into a recruitment strategy
  • The importance of measuring and tracking employee data