Seven unusual ways to invest your apprenticeship levy

There has never been a more important time to think about upskilling your workforce. With Brexit threatening to cut off skills and labour from Europe, and the UK at nearly full employment, businesses need to start looking internally again and reopen often long-neglected internal talent pipelines. 

Apprenticeships have always played a role in this. For young people or new starters, they are still an alternative to university as a path into the workplace, but they are no longer just for those looking to go into vocational trades such as building, carpentry or plumbing. 

The common perception is also that they involve lots of out-of-work training in the form of workshops or time in classrooms, or they’re too inflexible and only suitable for those looking for a nine-to-five. Companies that hold these outmoded views are only holding themselves back. 

Read this People Management report, in partnership with ICS Learn, to find out how your organisation could be making better use of your apprenticeship levy.