The journey from diversity to inclusion

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace leads to creativity and prosperity. There can be little doubt that UK employers have made strides in increasing diversity – yet many are failing to realise the benefits. And when diversity advances without inclusion, or even supporting cultures and environments where people feel like they fully belong and thrive, tensions can follow. 

So what is the difference between diversity and inclusion, and how can businesses pave the way for a more inclusive workplace?

Download this expert report to explore some of the ways more enlightened companies, including Deloitte, John Lewis, Hilton, Virgin Trains and P&G, are promoting equity and how to tackle bias, even the unconscious kind. You'll learn:

- How to leverage diversity to maximise its potential
- How to align the needs of the individual with corporate requirements
- Real life examples of successful inclusion strategies and initiatives
- The biggest challenges and obstacles to implementing an inclusion strategy
- How unconscious bias impedes progress